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September 19-23

September 24, 2010

Art I- One line only drawing. Create a picture using only one type of line-a straight line. Lightly sketch your idea in a landscape or a sea scape. Begin to fill in your picture with lines in order to make your drawing visible. Use thick or thin lines. Close together lines. Alternating direction line. Creating curves by using straight lines.
Art II-2 pt perspective castle drawing.
Art III 3 figure drawing with bright colors.
Teks: 1a,1b,2a,2b,2c.


September 12-16

September 24, 2010

Art I-Sticks Drawing. Draw lines to make sticks and add value changes. Changes from light to dark. Draw a frame around your paper the width of your ruler or about 1″ wide on the edge on the edge of your paper. Draw lines across your paper to make a stick. Draw 20 sticks or more. Shade where the sticks cross each other. Shade the background around your sticks dark to bring out your sticks.
Art II 2pt perspective drawing.
Art III 3 Figure Drawing in bright colors.

September 6-9

September 17, 2010

Art I Graduation scale: Learning different shading techniques such as; stipple, hatching, cross hatching, contour, positive negative, thatch, blending or smudge. Value changes from light to dark by using these techniques.
ArtII Castle Drawing in ink.
Art III 3 Figure Drawing in bright colors.
TEKS: 1a,1b,2a,2b,2c,3a,3b.